Editorial: Agree or Disagree

Nakyla Moore

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Are you defined by your past? No, you aren’t. It isn’t about what happened it’s about what’s going to happen. You shouldn’t be judged on what you once did but what you are going to do. If you know you have done horrible things in your past do something to change it.

No one should ever be treated differently because of their past or life they once lived. Anyone can turn their life around at any moment, there isn’t a time limit on change.

Others may disagree because they let past incidents affect their judgement on a person. Like for example if someone gets fired from their job for stealing, the next job is going to be hesitant on hiring them and most likely won’t hire them, which I feel is wrong! Everyone makes mistakes but the key is to learn from them. I mean, I understand that not everyone change or look at things the same way but it’s hurting the people who really learn from their mistakes.

Overall, I think we should give people chances and not treat or define them from their past mistakes. There are actually people who learn and change their ways and they deserve a chance to make up for that. Never judge a book by its cover.

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Editorial: Agree or Disagree