School Shootings

Aaron Hopson, Editor

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There has been recent uproar over school shootings and the norm they are becoming in our society. In my opinion, school shootings and other mass shootings are more than just a mental case issue, but also lack of gun control, and is a very sad thing to happen.

I do not think the second amendment should be removed. Citizens should have the right to protect themselves against an intruder, and hunt for pleasure. This is the positive side of guns, but not everyone wants a gun for this reason. Guns that can fire multiple rounds at once should not be accessible to the public. This is not a weapon you would want someone with bad intentions to have. The NRA should take in more consideration on their policies and change some of them with our changing culture. With the recent Florida school shooting, it turned out that the NRA was giving donations to Florida legislatures campaign to get their way. Mental stability should be taken into consideration for the saftey of our kids and the general public.

These school shooting should not be a normal thing that happens all the time. To me, nothing will change until gun laws are revised for the safety of the public. This does not mean take guns completely away from the people, but they should be more considerate of the laws they pass concerning guns.

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School Shootings