Cardinal Academy

Aaron Hopson, Editor

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Camden Fairview High School is starting a program called Cardinal Academy to help improve test score like the ACT, and will take place on Thursdays after B Lunch. They have put kids into groups based on the cumulation of math and English ACT scores, number of absences, teacher recommendation, and grade. I think this is a good thing to help students, especially if students ACT scores aren’t what they need to be for college, but a little late for seniors.

The entire student body will participate in the Cardinal Academy. Specific seniors have been picked to help in these classes and tutor the students if they need up. I think its a little late for the seniors the participate in this. The reason being is, its the last nine weeks of the school year, and they are still trying to work out problems in the system before next year. This years seniors are about to graduate, and won’t really benefit from it. I do think its a nice thing to have in place thought for the rest of the school.

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  1. Eelyak on August 28th, 2018 12:06 pm

    Its Too much

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Cardinal Academy