Camden V Eldo 9th grade

Timothy Dawn, Kaeveon Ross, and Zachary Confron

Thursday Sep. 13 was one of the most challenging games that the ninth grade football team has played this season.

El Dorado and Camden had a very tough battle offensively and defensively.

Unfortunately, the 9th grade Cards messed up on offense because their Quarter Back got injured, but the Cards messed up mentally and physically mostly, it cost the team the game, 28-14.

El Dorado scored three touchdowns which gave them a score of 21.

Two people got hurt, Kaeveon Ross (9) and Logan Robertson (9) , and were removed from the game, but should be able to play next week.

In the beginning of the half almost everybody had their heads down, but the team got a speech by the coaches.

Then after the first quarter they picked up their defense all the way to the  fourth quarter and they scored which made the score 28 to 14.

“ We had a bad game on the Offensive side such as pass blocking and hiking the ball,” Chris Coker said.

Coach Houston said ,“ I believe that we had a bad game, but our team is working harder everyday to get better”.


  “ Our Offensive line was having a bad game blocking. “ Coach Wiedmaier said.


   Our cards will forever be proud on and off the field.