Midwinter Concert

Mercedes Sanchez and Piper Pennington

On Feb. 21, the high school and middle school’s bands took part in a Midwinter Concert. Directors from Magnolia’s middle and high school were in the audience to judge Camden Fairview High’s band to prepare them for contest on March 14. Two songs from the band’s setlist for contest were featured in the concert- African Dreams and Advanced March. These songs still need minor work, but the band will be sure to fix the songs in time for contest.

“The music is enjoyable. My favorite song is Advanced March because it’s set at a faster tempo,” says India Dennis, a 9th grade clarinet player. “I and the rest of the band were swimming the entire concert because the middle school’s roof was leaking. We got through it, though, and made it a great concert.”

The judges had many good things to say about the band. They enjoyed the songs and were delighted about the music they heard. Despite doing great during the concert, the band still has work to do on their songs. The judges, director, and students noticed that sometimes the band would not be in tune or would not blend their sound together. These are minor things, and the band should have no trouble fixing them at all.

“I’m really excited for this concert,” said Zandria Gossett, a 9th grade alto saxophonist. “The songs are great and we’re almost ready for contest!”