Lady Cards Track Meet

Julie Pike and India Dennis

Thursday April 11, 2019 the girls track team at Camden Fairview High School had a home meet. Throughout the meet many goals were accomplished and there was a lot of friendly competition. Overall Camden Fairview’s girls track team started the season off with quite the fight.

The results of the track meet were quite astonishing. Kennedy Lee and Amerien Brown both were awarded season best in 400. Megan Miller was season best in 100 hurdles, Kierra Miller was 7th in 200 with season best, and Jhiya Jefferson was 8th in shot 30 ‘ 5”. Two really outstanding track team members for this season were Alija Evans and Tai’Sheka Porchia. Alija scored 7th in 300 hurdles with season best, 8th in triple jump with 32′-3 (season best), and 6th in long jump. Tai’Sheka won 1st in 300 hurdles (48.32), 1st in long jump (16′-9”), 1st in triple jump (36’ 7.75”), and also qualified for state in triple jump.

To prepare for track meets the team usually starts off by stretching and warming-up. Others use a different form of preparing by staying after school and practicing everyday. While playing on any team it is especially important to build a relationship with your teammates according to Alija Evans. Sometimes before a meet teammates gather around to pray or hype each other up before their run.

Kennedy Lee participates in the 4-mile run, 400-meter dash, and 1600 relay. The 400-meter dash is a run where the participants run a lap around the track and compete against each other. Lee was the best in the 400-meter dash. Alijah Evans was apart of the 300 hurdles. It is a competition where runners run a 300 meter dash while jumping over eight hurdles. She scored 7th in the race, but ran her season best.

On April 11, 2019 the Lady Cardinals track team partook in a track meet that was held at Camden Fairview High School. Students like Kennedy Lee, Alijah Evans, and Tai’sheka Porchia made amazing accomplishments during this track meet. Lee had her season best in the 400-meter dash, Evans had her season best in 300 hurdles, and Porchia was first in the 300 hurdles. In the future the Lady Cardinals will have many more accomplishments.