Football & Cheerleaders (Varsity & JV)

Will Pace

Football season is coming up, and all of the football players and cheerleaders are ready to kick off the season. .

The varsity boys enjoyed playing in the red and white game, and several of them said it was a fun experience and that it was a good way to see what Fridays are going to be like during a real game.

“I feel like when we are at our best we can go all the way, the only thing that can stop us is ourselves,” said Justin Scott, a junior. When asked about any challenges most of the players said, “ourselves.”  Most of the players love football and think of it as a way to express themselves through hard work and dedication.

Many new cheerleaders joined the team this year. Savannah Minor, a new varsity cheerleader said, “I was nervous, but it was a good experience.”

All of the cheerleaders are excited about the first football game, but they have to learn so many dances and cheers in so little time. Carmyn Beavers says her favorite part about cheering is being in the spotlight, and Savannah Minor’s favorite part is the Friday night lights.