Gun Control

William Pace

Gun control is something that should be taken seriously especially since all of these mass shootings have happened.

I think it is ridiculous that children have a reason to be scared of being shot in a place of learning and place where they should feel safe.  The fact that nothing has been done about fully automatic and military grade weapons being sold to people that have no reason to have it other than shooting innocent people and kids is embarrassing to this country.  The more and more it happens the more people get used to it and thats nothing people should think as another day in America.

A few days ago there was an commercial for Sandy Hooks back to school featuring bulletproof backpacks, shoes for running from an active shooter, and more things for kids to be able to get away from shooters in school, that alone is ridiculous and heartbreaking that parents and kids have to prepare themselves for something like that.  If the government were to stop the selling of fully automatic weapons I feel like that would do a lot of help to stop mass shootings.  Open your eyes and realize the seriousness of this problem.