Teens and Homework- Editorial

Mercedes Sanchez

Although it occasionally can be helpful, I believe that students should not receive homework. All of the useless algebra problems they will never see again in their life, the countless sentences that have to be corrected for grammar, and more useless work that could be completed in class. It does not make sense for a student to get over 30 problems on a subject that they could understand in class. I believe students should not receive homework.

Firstly, some homework is unnecessary. Sure, some homework is extra help for students who need it, but over 20 problems a night plus the homework students get from other classes is a bit excessive. If the teacher recognizes that the students need extra help, then they can assign homework for that certain class. This could also reduce cheating on homework since not all of the teacher’s classes have the same homework.

Secondly, the homework can clash with other activities that students participate in. Sports practices, music lessons, or any other hobby a student has that requires practices or lessons can take hours. Students do not usually have time afterward to do their homework because they still have things they have to do at home. This can be stressful for the student.

Lastly, as previously mentioned, homework can create stress for students. According to scientists, high schools today have the same amount of anxiety levels as an insane asylum. If school causes that much anxiety, then why should students come home to do work more from school? Students need a break from school. If teachers overwork the students, they can become stressed and begin to fail their classes.

In conclusion, students should not receive homework. It can be helpful if the student absolutely needs it, but it is otherwise unhelpful and can cause high amounts of stress that could be prevented. It can clash with activities the students are involved in, and, sometimes, it is just unnecessary. If schools cared about their students, they would stop giving homework.