Three new members were added to the CFHS SEAL team last week on Sep. 19.

Brian Garretson, Colton Dewoody, and Joey Hobbie were chosen, according to Principal Gary Steelman.

CFHS SEAL team includes that have all A’s, no absences, and no disciplinary actions.

Brian Garretson said that it was his goal to become a member of the team.

“Pressure from my parents along with striving to better myself was my motivation, ” said Garretson.” I was awarded a Chromebook, a letterman jacket, and my name in the newspaper,” said Brian Garretson.

It was a goal to become a SEAL for Joey Hobbie as well.

“Yes, it was I figured it was a goal I could set to better myself,” said Joey Hobbie.”My motivation was I just thought it was awesome how our school offers it and I wanted to be apart of it.”

“Yes, it was a goal when I had all A’s and no absences after the third nine-weeks,” said Colton DeWoody. DeWoody mentioned that his motivation was scholarships.