Should Lunch Be Free In Every School?

Free School lunch is a very important topic that should be talked about throughout all schools in America.

According to “Child Hunger in America Statistics” more than 11 million children live in “food insecure” homes.

Millions of kids a year rely on school lunches to provide them with the nutrients their bodies need, because they are not getting the full meals they need in their own home. One in five children in America go hungry at some point in the year, if not everyday. Lunches in school should be free so that the children who live in homes that are food scarce will be full at some point during the day.

“Feeding America” states, “chronic hunger results in a lack of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a child to reach developmental milestones.” If a child goes hungry throughout the day, it can affect their mental health, and ability to learn at school.