ID badges

Look, I see how they can be useful but mostly they are just really annoying. I know they are for security, but someone can just walk in the back doors and there you go there just pointless.

See they are useful in some situations like if there is a school shooter and he or she shot you in the face and your parents or caregiver said why has my kid not came out and it takes way to long to do blood tests. you parent/caregiver would be crushed before they learn who you are if that makes any sense.

Other than that they can be such an annoyance I can’t tell you how many times I almost missed the bus forgetting that thing in my room I have to run back and get it. teachers and administrators, I get it your trying to make school safer but, but here is the bottom line just like anything else if someone wants it done it will happen its just human nature. we humans were persistent just like early man we wanted food we got it we wanted a better connection between us  ( phones ) we got it we wanted weapons we got them. teachers administrators the id badges are useful they are but, can you please try to find a less annoying option