Teens and Social Media

Mercedes Sanchez

Social media has been a popular trend for the past decade. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have helped millions of people keep in touch with each other and view what they have been up to or what they’re interested in. These days, social media is especially popular amongst teenagers and, recently, children. It has brought teens together and helps keep them updated on each other; however, social media can be a bad thing for teens as well. It can spread negativity, and once something is posted onto the internet, it is there to stay. Social media can be both helpful and hurtful simultaneously.

Teens have become more interested in social media over the past decade. They post pictures of themselves, what activities they participate in, etc. On the other hand, some teens overshare their lives’ details on the internet. They post things that should not be on social media, and that can cause issues with other people or even their family. Oversharing their life can get information about themselves to other people who could possibly use it against them. Teenagers sharing more of their lives than they should on the internet could create issues for them.

Another reason social media can be bad for teens is that they begin to compare themselves to others. Teenagers already have tons of self-doubt and insecurities, and sometimes begin to compare themselves to other people’s appearances or lifestyles. Questions like “why am I not as pretty as her?” or “why can’t I be like them?” begin to take control of teens’ thoughts. This is not good for anyone and can seriously change how someone thinks about themselves.

Although social media is bad for teenagers, it can be helpful as well. As previously stated, it can keep teens in contact with each other as well. If used correctly, teens can spread positivity on social media through their posts and comments. Social media could also boost a teen’s confidence. While social media can hurt teens, it can also help them.

Social media can be a good thing for teens. They can spread positivity and possibly boost their confidence. It can also be a bad thing and spread negativity. It all depends on how you use it. In conclusion, social media should be used in a positive way.