Vending Machines In School

Paine Copeland

The choices in vending machines often come with cans of sugar or bags of salted fat. Vending machines are one of the main reasons we have obesity in the United States. Children can find a quarter or two on the ground and run to the machine to buy a candy bar or a coke without thinking twice.

We need our schools to provide healthy meal choices for our children. The snacks in vending machines are usually high calorie and filled with fats and sugar. Schools provide well balanced hot lunches for about the same price as a bag of chips from a vending machine.

Some vending machines should be allowed in schools. In 2013, the U.S Department of Agriculture replaced potato chips and candy bars that were being sold in vending machines with baked potato chips and granola bars. The school could get vending machines with healthier food choices. Many students acknowledge the fact that school lunches often don’t look that appetizing, and then they won’t bother eating school food. Having something to snack on instead of a school lunch is really convenient but it is also really unhealthy. Sometimes students can forget their water bottle at home, so having vending machines will give them an opportunity to buy water to stay hydrated during the day. There are also vending machines used for medical supplies. People can purchase supportive equipment like tape, bandages, and other items that are needed for consistent academic performance.

I think certain types of vending machines should be allowed in school. Healthy food choices, healthier drinks such as water, Gatorade, juices, and even medical supplies would be a great fit for the school.