What’s the Worst thing about the Internet?

Paine Copeland

The Internet can be so toxic at times. The amount of personal information being shared on the internet is so enormous that personal privacy is at risk. It’s not just identity theft that is an issue. Kim Kardashian West had jewelry stolen from her in Paris because of the amount of information that was being shared. A group of 17 people got together, tracked her movements, and struck because of the information freely shared. If you share vacation photos in real-time, then you’re announcing to the world that you’re away from home.

The Internet can also lead to depression as many people tend to compare their lives with others. The Internet and online games facilitate communication with others. Although you may find new connections around the world, you may also find yourself disconnecting from those in your real life.

The internet has been recently accused of part of the cause of childhood obesity. So many children have decided to spend all of their time in front of the computer playing games instead of playing outside. People absorbed in their activities online tend to forget that there are real people in their surroundings who need their attention or have socialization needs. Social networking gives more importance to virtual friends than real ones. People that are so involved in the internet, they have forgotten how to interact with their family, friends, and coworkers, not to mention meeting strangers. Everyone seems to walk around staring at the cell phones not even noticing those around them.