The Challenging and Rewarding Aspects of Being a Leader

Mercedes Sanchez

As a leader in the community, there are both rewarding and challenging aspects about leading a group of people. Being a leader is a great responsibility, and is not for the selfish nor the narrow-minded. A leader has to put their group’s thoughts and feelings before their own, and ensure that the members of their party are both content and making progress in whatever they are participating in. Leaders must be capable of accepting both the rewarding and challenging aspects of leading. 

Being a leader can be challenging at times. As previously mentioned, a leader has to put others before themselves. They consider the tasks they have to do after everyone else. This can be challenging for the leader because in some cases, they will not make much progress themselves as everyone else. This is one challenging aspect of being a leader. 

Another reason being a leader can be challenging is that they have to be respected as well as cherished. In order to make any progress, leaders may have to be firm or harsh. This can affect how their peers view them and cause them to not respect or not listen to the leader. A leader has to be both a friend and a mentor to their peers which is not an effortless duty. 

While being a leader can be challenging, it can also be rewarding. The most rewarding part of being a leader is seeing the progress the leader’s peers. After all of the challenges and perseverance the leader and the other person faced, it is relieving to finally reach the goal. As a leader myself, seeing my peers reach their goals gives me a sense of accomplishment. 

The relationships a leader builds while helping people reach their goals is equally as rewarding. The leader becomes closer with the person or people they are assisting. It strengthens a bond and can turn the leader into a companion and someone to confide in as well. A leader forming relationships with the people they are helping can make them a better leader and have a better following. 

Leading people has both rewarding and challenging aspects about it. In order to be a good leader, the leader must form relationships with their followers. However, if the leader prefers being liked over helping their peers achieve their goals, it can slow down their peers’ progress. Being a leader can be challenging, but it is, in my opinion, the most rewarding task in the world.