Should Retail Workers Be Off On Holidays To Be With Their Families?

Thanksgiving is a recognized Holiday, why should retail workers be forced to work on Thanksgiving day? I understand Black Friday that’s a given, but to make stores open earlier and earlier, is just disgusting. Why should retail workers not be able to celebrate the Holiday with their families? Retail workers are people as well & deserve to celebrate the Holidays with their loved ones as well. As someone with a mom who works retail, I have personally experienced holidays without her.

I feel that if they did have to work on a holiday instead of being with their family they should be paid more. Retail workers that are forced to work on holidays do not even get paid more than their weekly pay. Personally, I know the struggles of my mom coming home every other week with $20 to last through the week. Not getting paid for going in on holidays makes it harder to financially support their families.

Most retail workers are mildly old. Does Walmart, Sams Club, Dollar General, Target, Best Buy, JCPenny, Old Navy, Big Lots, And Wallgreens realize that there are workers that can not work all day and night? Retail Managers need to let people trade-off every few hours, let some workers work and then at the time to switch the other workers take their place.

Workers deserve to be with their families on Holidays.