Minority Male Mentorship

Jamont Bowman

Minority Male Mentorship is a program sponsored by SAU Magnolia to come out speak to African American males about their futures and their career choices, and 13 CFHS students were chosen. Khalil Anderson, Dareon Buffington, Jonathan Whitney, Richard Clardy, Javion Clemmer, Isaiah Dennis, Tyrell Dennis, Jaden Bates, Jaquavious Easter, Quindarius Green, Garrett Griffith, Jeffery Neal, Treyveon Pace, and Jonathan Whitney.

They traveled to SAU Magnolia to talk with mentors and teachers. The event targeted seniors and juniors minority males highlighting possible careers in education. The person in Charge of the event was Stacy. N. Allen Math Instructor. The mentors who talked with all the males were Mr. Cledis Stuart, Mr. Larry Dunn, Mr. Travell Green, Mr Rodney McCullum, Mr. Daryl Moore, Mr. Rock Jones, Dr. Eric Flowers, Dr Jessie Walker, and Dr. Roger Guevara.

The attendees had the opportunity to have breakfast, have break out sessions with mentors, lunch, panel discussion, and decompress with mentors.

“I had a lot of fun being able to hear the many different speeches¬† from all the mentors there, ” said Isaiah Dennis, senior.”[People] should go. You’ll be paired up with many different people, and hear about their challenges and struggles which might encourage you to try and make a better future.”