Theatre Department Announces New Play, “And Then There Were None”

Callie Blair

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Post the mass attention surrounding Troupe 2870’s last comedy ‘The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet’, anticipation on what their next production would be has been high. Director Chauna Edney ultimately decided on a drama, a play called “And Then There Were None”. The play takes place off the coast of Devon and is a suspenseful murder mystery including a mixed, diverse cast. The casting is as follows; all of these students with be working under the head direction of Chauna Edney and the co-direction of Amayiah Mckenzie.

Nellie Naracott- Callie Blair

Ms. Rogers- Hailey Cathey

Miss Ellie- Kyla Fraiser

Phillip Lombard- Nathaniel Sterling

Vera Claythorne- Ayla Atkins

AnnaLisa Blore- AnnaLisa VanAssache

Elizabeth Brent- Kealiegh Shelton

Dr. Armstrong- Summer Shipp

Judge Wargrave- Grace Mosely

General Mckenzie- Addison Davis

Anthony Marston- DJ



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Theatre Department Announces New Play, “And Then There Were None”