There’s a new CHEF in town!

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Homecoming Week
October 18, 2016

New chef is greatly welcomed by CF Students

chef-3Chef Justin Mills’ first meal at CFHS was well-received with happy students. The menu featured orange chicken, broccoli, rice, a large salad bar, fruit, and home-made pizza with wheat crust. “I’ve never left lunch full,” said senior DJ Sherman. “The pizza was awesome!”

“A shout out to the chef,” said Jasmyn Hamilton. “He is the real MVP!”

Mills, who is originally from Dallas, began his company three years ago. He currently lives in Magnolia and services the school districts of Parkers Chapel, Emerson, Taylor, Magnolia, and Bradley.

“Kids eat with their eyes first,” Mills said. “We have to make the food attractive, as well as healthy.” He takes the same food usually served and trains the staff to prepare it differently.

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There’s a new CHEF in town!