Returning to Camden

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October 4, 2016

Past Camden Students return as teachers

This year at the Camden Fairview High School, the school has a surprising number of  returning students to teach.  Each returning student turned teachers had different things that inspired them to come back and teach at wether it was a parent or just wanting to help out students with bettering themselves before they graduate and go out into the real world. The Camden Fairview news team got the chance to interview a few of those teachers. During the interview, Ms. Bowie said that, her inspiration for teaching was her mom and the ability to impact students lives. Also our, study hall and d-hall, Mrs. Smith says that her mom was her inspiration to come back and teach wether it was High School students or Elementary students.

“ It feels good but, its different to work with the teachers that taught me and it also gives me more of an interest because I graduated from this school,” says Bowie. With so many students coming back and being a teacher its interesting to the students, some students have no clue that some of these teachers graduated from the school and sat in the same seats that they are sitting in right now. “ I’m enjoying being back at this school because I get to see a lot of new face and I get to see a lot of old faces so its pretty neat being back here,” says Coach Fogle. Talking to Mrs. Smith she says that “ It feels good it’s a lot teachers here when I graduated from CFHS in 2007 and it’s nice to see some of my old teachers now and see how they’ve moved up since I graduated over nine years ago.

A few of teachers that got interviewed didn’t think they would be in the place that their in now when they where in their senior year of high school. “ I knew that I would be teaching or something in that nature because my mom wouldn’t settle for me not having direction in what I wanted to do after school, so I had to have something to do,” said Smith. Coach Fogle said that he wanted to help the baseball and football teams get back to the place they once were but becoming a teacher is a bonus because I’m teaching while my little sister, Delaney Fogle, is still here. “ No not exactly. When I was in the school I wanted to be an attorney. I didn’t want to be a teacher at first, but I got the answer I wanted after I prayed for a while. Now, I really don’t see myself being anything else besides a teacher,” says Bowie.

With each teacher they all had different reasons to come back but it was all for the same purpose; to get the school and the students to reach the full potential and to strive for something better.

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Returning to Camden