Should Retail Workers Be Off On Holidays To Be With Their Families?

November 14, 2019

Thanksgiving is a recognized Holiday, why should retail workers be forced to work on Thanksgiving day? I understand Black Friday that's a given, but to make stores open earlier and earlier, is just disgusting. Why should retail...

Trunk or Treat

November 13, 2019

Trunk or Treat was held on Oct. 31 at CFHS. Beta Club, DriveSmart, Thespians, choir, and cheerleading decorated the trunks of vehicles to give candy to kids who wanted a safe place to trick-or-treat. A contest was held and...

What’s the Worst thing about the Internet?

Paine Copeland

November 12, 2019

The Internet can be so toxic at times. The amount of personal information being shared on the internet is so enormous that personal privacy is at risk. It’s not just identity theft that is an issue. Kim Kardashian West had jewelry...

The Challenging and Rewarding Aspects of Being a Leader

Mercedes Sanchez

November 8, 2019

As a leader in the community, there are both rewarding and challenging aspects about leading a group of people. Being a leader is a great responsibility, and is not for the selfish nor the narrow-minded. A leader has to put their group...

Should Parents Monitor Their Child’s Internet Usage

Piper Pennington

October 28, 2019

Technology and the internet is a key part of a child or teenagers' life. It is hard to find a teenager who doesn’t use or own their own mobile phone. With this new connection to everything and anything, this brings concerns ...

Vending Machines In School

Paine Copeland

October 28, 2019

The choices in vending machines often come with cans of sugar or bags of salted fat. Vending machines are one of the main reasons we have obesity in the United States. Children can find a quarter or two on the ground and run to...

Flu Clinic

October 24, 2019

Bianca Garcia who is part of the cheer squad is helping a little boy with his flu shot, as he was nervous to get it....

Teens and Social Media

Mercedes Sanchez

October 17, 2019

Social media has been a popular trend for the past decade. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have helped millions of people keep in touch with each other and view what they have been up to or what they're interested...

Gun Control

William Pace

October 16, 2019

Gun control is something that should be taken seriously especially since all of these mass shootings have happened. I think it is ridiculous that children have a reason to be scared of being shot in a place of learning and...

ID badges

October 16, 2019

Look, I see how they can be useful but mostly they are just really annoying. I know they are for security, but someone can just walk in the back doors and there you go there just pointless. See they are useful in some situations...

Should Lunch Be Free In Every School?

October 16, 2019

Free School lunch is a very important topic that should be talked about throughout all schools in America. According to "Child Hunger in America Statistics" more than 11 million children live in "food insecure" homes. Millions...

Teachers Should Get Paid More

Kiara Welch

October 16, 2019

Who taught you how to spell your name? Who taught you how to count and read? Most likely a teacher at school. If Ben Carson didn't go to school and learn from a teacher then he wouldn't have been such a wonderful doctor or even...

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